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Promotions in Mexico

Alex is currently in Mexico promoting his new single “Míranos” on the upcoming album “Canciones Impuntuales”.  Alex stated after a long day of interviews that consisted to about 20, he was tired and lost his voice.  Could you imagine singing that much? Alex was able to visit Sale El Sol TV, ‎Matutino Express‬, Exa TV…

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Alex debuted his new song and video “Míranos” last month.  Already on Spotify the song has reached two million listeners!  Alex announced the name of his new album “Canciones Impuntuales“. The album will be released May 5, 2017.  We are super excited!   Until then

Official Video

It’s out! “DONDE QUEDO SOLO YO” by Laura Pausini ft. Alex Ubago The song isn’t currently for sale in the Americas but you can stream the song on Spotity or watch the video below      

Donde quedo solo yo

Alex and Laura Pausini recorded a new duet together, “Donde quedo solo yo”. Song debuts on Itunes, Spotify, and a video on on August 19th.  This will be a very, very special song between the two artists.